Spring / Summer Classes 2017

I will be teaching classes at the new EVH facility in the old Saline Hospital in Saline, Michigan. You can register through Saline Adult Ed department, phone: (734) 401-4020 or online http://www.salineschools.org/schools/saline-community-education/

Each class lasts 2.5 hours, we have lot's of fun, laugh a lot, and learn, what more could you ask for? Come join us for lot's of Zentangle fun. Any questions email me @: dobriendesign [AT] comcast [dot] net

Hope to see you at one of my classes.

  • Zentangle® Basics - Class I (Class ID:1057)
    This Basic Zentangle Class will teach you 6 basic patterns. No art or drawing experience necessary in this process of simple strokes which build on each other in mesmerizing and surprising ways. Paint with patterns. Learn the basic Zentangle process. It all happens one stroke at a time. Each student will complete at least one tile. *Each student must purchase a mini kit which is supplied by me.
  • Cost: $34 + $6 for minikit  
  • Dates:Tuesday Evening, May 16, 2016, from 6:00 - 8:30pm  (note earlier class time)
  • OR
    Tuesday Evening, June 10, 2017, from 6:00 - 8:30pm
  • OR
    Tuesday Evening, Aug 8, 2017, from 6:00 - 8:30pm
  • Zentangle® Beyond Basics - Class II (Class ID: 1058)
    Prerequisite: Zentangle® Basics Class
    This class will expand on the Basic Class I with additional strings, patterns requiring a bit more concentration and embellishments and shading. Bring your mini kit or Zentangle kit – some additional tiles will be provided.
  • Cost: $30 some tiles will be provided (bring your minikit with you)
  • Dates:
  • Tuesday Evening, May 23, 2017 from 10:00 - 12:30pm (morning)
  • OR
    Tuesday Evening, May 23, 2017 from 6:00 - 8:30pm (evening)
  •  OR
  • Tuesday Evening, June 20, 2016, from 6:00 - 8:30pm 
  •  Zentangle® Fun for Young Adults  (Class ID: 1083)Ages 8-17
  • In this three-class series students will first learn the basics of the Zentangle process and create their own personal works of art. Students will begin by learning at least six tangle patterns; each student will create their own 3.5” Zentangle tile piece. 
  • Cost: $65.00
  •  Dates: Saturdays 7/15/2017 to 7/29/2017 (3 class series)
    12:00 - 1:30 PM 

  • I'm only offering Class I (Basics) and Class II (Beyond Basics) Zentangle classes on the regular schedule. The classes below can be made available. Join me with at least 2 other participants and I can work with you to make the class available.
    Contact me at dobriendesign [at] comast (dot) net to arrange a class.

  • Zentangle® Beyond Basics - Class III - Discover the Fun of Zendalas
    Prerequisite: Zentangle® Basics Class
    Work in the round! Students will learn further techniques and tangle patterns incorporated in creating art on a 4" round Zendala tile. Class will deal with more elaborate patterns and do some basic studies for further techniques. Students will also delve into shading and learn ways to enhance the Zentangle tiles they create.
  • Cost: $36   
  • Dates: Tuesday, 7/25/2017
  • 6:00 - 8:30pm 
  • Zentangle®-Inspired Decorative Tote Gelli Print Monoprint - Class IV
    Prerequisite: Zentangle® Basics Class
    Learn to incorporate Zentangle inspired artwork directly onto material using a micron
    pen.  In this class participants will begin by choosing a Gelli print monoprinted tote, which they will embellish with Zentangle-inspired patterns / tangles to complete imprinting and decorating a large cotton zippered tote. Tote is 100% cotton canvas, 15x20” a perfect piece for all your shopping needs. 
  • Cost: $30 + Studio / materials fee $15
  • Dates: Call to set up a class

  • Host a Zentangle® Party at Your Home
    Invite your friends, family, book club, bible study group, etc. for a fun and relaxing night of something new! A party/class is 2-2.5 hours long and the the cost is $30.00/person for instruction and a mini kit. A minimum of 5 people is required. With at least 8 paying guests, the hostess attends free. With 10 or more paying guests, the hostess receives a free Zentangle kit.
    It's a fun time for all, raffle gifts and prizes for all.


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